SIGMA 1.0.103

4.6/5 الأصوات: 2,789
Studio Arm Private Limited
328 MB
SIGMA 1.0.103
Android 4.4

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SIGMA is a battle royale game in which 50 players compete against each other until only one survives. With large drawing distances and straightforward graphics that make it easy to identify enemies on the map, SIGMA combines Fortnite graphics with Free Fire -like gameplay . Plus, even on devices in the mid-price range, it works great and runs smoothly.

SIGMA starts with you in an airplane flying over a map, just like other games with similar mechanics. You have the option to jump wherever you want. You can start collecting a variety of items after the fall: weapons, helmets, vests, ammo, first aid kits, and other items. Sometimes chests fall from the sky with special loot that can help you win the game because they give you better weapons or protection from enemy attacks.


Sigma’s controls are very easy to use. The left joystick allows you to move around the map. The inventory button, which also unlocks a self-healing first aid kit, can be found next to it. Action buttons are located on the right side for shooting, aiming, jumping, crouching, lying down, and other moves. Simply click on the area in the right corner to reload the weapon. The game facilitates aiming by bringing the scope closer to the enemy, making them easier to kill.

In addition, SIGMA allows you to look at a map to see where the concentric rings close. You can also always see how many players are alive.

Last but not least, SIGMA features a four versus four player mode called Fight Out as well as a battle royale mode. The skins of your characters are unlockable during gameplay and can be changed.

Download SIGMA APK right away if you are looking for a battle royale shooter with more game modes, character customization, and more!



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